Offriamo soluzioni laser.
Taglio e incisione laser. Offriamo una vasta scelta di diodi laser, moduli laser e componenti laser. Per quanto possibile cercheremo di ampliare la nostra offerta con nuovi elementi. Se avete domande, non esitate a contattarci.

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  • Laser PLH3D 6 Watt
    This is a second generation of a PLH3D high power 6W professional engraving laser head. Two different type of lens and lens regulator are included.   Major changes in the driver allows to power the laser head from 12 - 24V which is used in in almost all CNC and 3D printer machines. ..
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  • Ugello adattatore D.43 per PLH3D
    Aluminium nozzle dedicated to PLH3D 6W engraving laser head. It helps to form airflow which is very important during the engraving process since dark smoke is a considerable obstacle for the laser beam. In some situations the power may drop even by 50% when smoke is not removed quickly which resu..
  • Alimentatore switching 88-264VAC/12VDC 3A 35 Watt
    This is a PSU dedicated to PLH3D laser engraving heads series.  This is a Mean Well 12V 3A PSU.   ..