Motori Brushless - Motore brushless 750 watt 220 volt Hiwin

Motori Brushless - Motore brushless 750 watt 220 volt Hiwin

Marche: Hiwin
Codice Prodotto: 0794-FRMS7520608C
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D2 Hiwin series high performance servo drives are used for driving AC servo motors. The D2 drive achieves excellent following characteristics and effectively shortens cycle times. Downloadable and free user interface software is easy to use but offers advanced functions for high performance. The D2 drive also supports EtherCAT field bus for high speed industrial motion control.


  • Fully digital, vector-controlled drive amplifier
  • Autotuning function
  • Vibration suppression
  • Error compensation
  • Integrated SPS function
  • All connections feature connectors for quick exchange
  • 2-line alphanumeric display with 4 control keys on the drive amplifier
  • Digital pulse-direction interface and analogue +/-10 V interface
  • Position control, speed control and torque control
  • Inputs/outputs can be parameterized
  • Optional Ethercat interface with CoE (CAN over Ethercat) protocol and
  • Optional mega-ulink interface
  • Efficient and freely available "Lightening" commissioning software
  • Programmable for stand-alone operation with PDL general motion language


AC Servo Drive Features

AC Servo Drive High Speed Response

Excellent High Speed Response
With help of semiconductor high end motion control algorithm and advanced common gain concept, a high speed response is achieved, therefore satisfying all motion control needs.

AC Servo 17bit High Resolution Encoder

17bit High Resolution Encoder
Thanks to the advanced serial encoder technology, a resolution of 131072 count/rev is reached. It guarantees the performance of most demanded motions.

AC Servo Drive High Acceleration Response

High Acceleration Response
Using advanced WizAlg controller design tools, plus space vector current control technology, servo performance has been achieved to the highest level. To change motor speed from -3000 to +3000 rpm, it takes as low as 0.006 second.

AC Servo Drive Built-in Accuracy Improvement Features

Built-in Accuracy Improvement Features
Hiwin drives include features to improve total positioning accuracy of the mechanical system. The table size can be up to 16000 points. It is implemented in all control modes to optimize system behavior.


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