Azionamenti Passo Passo - Pibot stepper motor driver rev.2.2

Azionamenti Passo Passo - Pibot stepper motor driver rev.2.2

Marche: Pibot
Codice Prodotto: PIDRB220B01
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Prezzo: 18,30€ IVA Esc. 15,00€

Piccolo azionamento passo passo che si puo' usare con Mach3 USBCNC Raspberry e molto altro.

  • Quick connector and Normal connector suitable for hobby and factory.

  • Wide power input DC 8 - 40V.

  • Signal supply logic in Quick connector (en dir clk "3.3V or 5V") optical isolated to the IC.

  • Signal supply logic in Normal connector (en dir clk dgnd "2V to 6V logic") with high speed direct to IC.

  • Microstepping: 1/1, 1/2A, 1/2B, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16(default).

  • 0 - 4.5A(4.12A) ~ (from Toshiba6600 manual) output current can be accurate set by read the voltage of voltmeter.

  • Diagnosis LED available.

  • Heatsink available.

  • Reserve the M3 M2 M1 TQ input pins for program control.


How it works

Input and Output

Normal connector and Quick connector is parallel. ONLY ONE CONNECTOR REQUIRED AT ONE TIME.



Micro-stepping Setting

This picture shows how you can change the micro-stepping settings of the driver.



Output Limit current Adjust

You can approximate the current limit by the position of the marked point on the trimmer. DO NOT EXCEED YOUR MOTOR'S CURRENT RATING.

OR the current limit can be adjusted by measuring VREF and turning the trimmer. Connect the [+] of the voltmeter to VREF and the [-] lead to GND and read the value.

Current Limit = VREF ÷ 0.6801

So for example the Max current is: 2.81V ÷ 0.6801 = 4.1317A



Connect with PiBot Kits





  • Driver Chip: Toshib

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