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  • Pibot stepper motor driver rev.2.2
    Piccolo azionamento passo passo che si puo' usare con Mach3 USBCNC Raspberry e molto altro. Quick connector and Normal connector suitable for hobby and factory. Wide power input DC 8 - 40V. Signal supply logic in Quick connector (en dir clk "3.3V or 5V") optical isolated to the IC. ..
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  • Pibot kit elettronica 3D
    What is it A set of electronics kits for 3D Printer. Purpose of designed is easy to connected and used by Beginner, Developer, or Manufacturer. Long cables with quick connector no need soldering. With the multiple quick connector you can put the power cables of parallel conne..
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  • Motore passo passo 103-H5208-0483
    0,45 Nm, Nema 17.   ..
  • Pibot alimentatore 88-264vac/12dc 33 a 400 watt
    What is it AC - DC Power Supply 12V 33A 400W   Select the proper input voltage   Specofication Input Voltage: AC220V or AC110V Output Voltage: DC12V and 0 ~ 33A Dimensions: 215mm × 115mm × 50mm   ..
  • Pibot controller board rev. 2.0
    What is it Designed for GRBL CNC and 3D printer. link between your PC and your stepper driver drivers for stepper motors. It uses the USB port which is available on all modern computers and laptops. Purpose of designed is for easy to connect and use by Beginner, Developer, ..
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  • Pibot estrusore
    What is it   J-Head is a combination of ideas from other nozzle designs combined with a goal to reduce the number of custom machined parts to a bare minimum. By reducing the number of machined parts, it is hoped that the cost of this hot-end can be kept down while improving the r..
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  • Pibot isolated relay rev. 2.0
    What is it This is a simple way to add a relay to your micro controller or CNC controller. It runs off 5V or 3.3V and most controllers can easily drive it. The circuit is optically isolated from the relay, so your controller is protected from voltage spikes and surges. It does this by..
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  • Pibot lcd sd controller rev.2.0
    What is it Display Controller with 4 keys, LCD-2004 and a TF card reader, Used for display the Printer status and Print by the TF Card. Display four rows, 20 characters per line LCD 2004. Easy for put your brand or name in it by the PiBot Firmware.   How it works..
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  • Pibot optical reflection enstop
    What is it Non-touch endstop. Based on infrared sensor with two fix holes spaced 20mm. Used to find the datum point( such as x y z (0,0,0)) or keep movement in intended range. Can be used to supprot non-contact automatic adjustment function of building platform. Fine-tuning di..
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  • Ventola 40x40x10 12vdc